• Timing Belt S3M Pitch 3 mm - Width 4 mm

This is the S3M timing belt from Fingertech Robotics. This timing belt is 4mm wide a pitch for 3mm (distance between tooth centers). It is compatible with Fingertech Robotics timing pulley available on our store. Please select the length you want from drop-down list. A comparison of timing belt length versus number of teeth is available below.


  • type: S3M
  • pitch: 3mm
  • width: 4 mm
  • material: chloroprene Rubber with fiberglass reinforcement
  • tensile strength: 19-25MPa
  • weight (smallest to largest): between 1 g and 4 g

Comparison of timing belt circumference versus the number of teeth.

  • 120 mm, 40T
  • 150 mm, 50T
  • 180 mm, 60T
  • 195 mm, 65T
  • 210 mm, 70T
  • 300 mm, 100T
  • 402 mm, 134T
  • 408 mm, 136T

Part List

  • 1x timing belt

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Timing Belt S3M Pitch 3 mm - Width 4 mm

  • Fingertech Robotics
  • The Fingertech Robotics S3M timing belt is only 4 mm wide and is compatible with our Fingertech Robotics timing pulley.
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