Deltang Prog4 is the latest and most versatile programmer from the company so far. It can be used together with a PC computer and a download cable (Please see PL2303 link on this page). Prog4 should work with Rx4x, Rx6x and Rx10X receivers manufactured after October 2013. Prog4 create a wireless link between the computer and the receiver to change receiver settings.


Programming the receiver is done by downloading a single file to the Prog4. File to download is presented below. File name is not important. Only the first 3 lines of the file (between type3 and end) are important. Deltang suggests to use CoolTerm software to perform the transfer.

1,1,2,1,3 H1 low off Ch1 thr, Ch3 dir

other examples:
1,1,2,1,3 H1 low off Ch1 thr, Ch3 dir
1,1,1,3 H1 center off Ch3
1,1,8,1 H1 inertia

Programmer must be bound to the receiver at least once to remember it for later programming.

  • switch receiver ON and wait for approximately 20 seconds. LED will flash rapidly.
  • press Prog4 side button and plug Prog4 to the computer
  • LED should flash then 3 flashes on most receivers if successful (Rx65b/Rx47 LED solid ON)

Part List

  • 1x DT Prog4


Weight 4 g

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Deltang DT Prog4 Programmer

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