Tiny 6v gear motor with a 3 mm shaft (0.9125 cm long, D-shaped). This high-quality DC motor, despite its small size, generates high power and high torque thanks to its metal gearbox.


  • Small size: 2.35cm x 1.175cm x 0.975cm
  • gear ratio: according to selected option
  • 6V Input current but accepts between 3V and 9V


  • 30:1 ratio: 440 RPM
  • 50:1 ratio: 250 RPM
  • 100:1 ratio: 120 RPM
  • 298:1 ratio: 45 RPM

DC gearmotors are a good compromise to stepper motors if you need high torque for your mobile robot. With the Pololu encoder, you will get feedback on your wheel to easily control a small robot. This gear motor is intended to be used at an optimal voltage of 6V, comfortably between 3V and 9V. Shaft will start turning at 0.5V. Voltage higher than 9V may damage this motor. With the exception of the 1000:1 ratio, all the other micro metal gearmotors have the same physical dimensions so that if you need more speed or torque, you can simply change the motor (with different gears ratio) and keep the bracket, wheel and wheel encoder as is. With its gearbox, this 6V DC motor is perfect for small size robots or for robotic prototyping.

Part List

  • 1x gear motor
Dimensions L x W x H 2.35cm x 1.175cm x 0.975cm
Weight 12g
Input Voltage (Limits) 3V to 9V

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Micro Metal Gearmotor (Low Power)

  • Pololu
  • Micro metal gear motor with a 3mm shaft (D-shaped) for small robots.
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  • 13.73€ Euro

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